What on earth is a Cuckold? Well, undoubtedly you’re here because you’ve been searching high and low to find out all about this wonderful fetish.

The first know use of the word ‘kukeweld’ which has now morphed into the word cuckold, appears in a 13th century poem entitled ‘The Owl and the Nightingale’

I won’t share the original 13th century lines, as they are a little difficult to decipher, but here is a modern take:

she can be ill-treated so often
that she resolves to satisfy her own needs.
God knows, she can’t help it
if she makes him a cuckold.

The actual line reads:

Þa[h] heo hine makie kukeweld.

So, there we have the first appearance of the word, but what is it that is actually meant by the word ‘Cuckold’?

The English diary defines it as:

“a man whose wife deceives him by having a sexual relationship with another man”

By DEFINITION it is a woman who is having illicit affairs (ok sex) with another man WITHOUT her husband’s consent or knowledge.

In its purest form, it is considered a shameful title given to the man because his wife is having an affair behind his back.

Nowadays, in the fetish cuckolding this interpretation has almost been turned on its head.

Cuckolding does NOT have to be between Husband and Wife, but between a Male and Female partner and the high comes from the Male partner knowing that his girl is going to get some action with another man.

Now, there are three partners involved in a modern cuckolding triangle, The Cuck ( The male partner who isn’t getting any), The Hotwife (Who is getting a lot) and the Bull who is the guy actually having sex with the female.

Beyond this, much as with most kink, it’s really down to you and your partner and deciding what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

Most times it will involve the female of the couple having sex with her partner watching. However, it’s not uncommon for the partner to be either on skype or just waiting at home for the female to return.

A huge part of modern cuckolding is for the partner to lick the semen from his partners pussy.

That may make you go eurgh but for me, that’s a pretty hot idea!

No matter what you do, you can call it whatever you like… Some people may tell you that actually what you’re doing is NOT cuckolding because you’re not married, to which you can reply, “Well, neither is what you do, because you know that your wife is up to!!”

And another internet battle will ensue.

The most important thing to remember is that you are all safe at all times and that all partners are happy in their endeavour. Communication is absolutely key to ensure that this relationship works.

Psychology and Cuckolding.

There has actually been some serious research into why couples get off on Cuckolding.

After all, at the end of the day, the reality is that we are procreating, so why would you want another man having sex with your woman?

Well, it’s fascinating and there are no clear answers, but a Dr Ley Hypothesises:

“When a man believes his wife has been with other men, the man’s biological passion is increased as he tries to physiologically compete with that other man’s sperm,”

I think I’m correct in reading into this that the Male becomes aroused because psychologically he’s trying to compete to make his sperm impregnate his partner, not the bulls…

That could get a little deep though for our conversation!

Cuckolding and Pro Dommes.

Ok, so I do offer cuckolding to some of my clients and it is something I get asked for regularly.

In terms of whether you’re really being cuckolded or not, that’s obviously open to debate. Until someone writes a cuckolding fetish definition into law, then we are going to call it cuckolding.

I will only cuckold with submissives whom I have a huge amount of trust, which unfortunately takes a lot of time to build.

If you expect to just come into a session one day and be cuckolded, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

We will need to build up a relationship over many, many months and many sessions and we will need to have a ‘real’ relationship. Not marriage, but a strong bond.

Once that has happened, then I will consider a cuckolding session. With you.

If this is of interest, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you misskimberley@zoho.com and mark the email ‘Cuckolding’

In summary…

As long as you enjoy it and you make sure that all parties are happy, then what’s the problem? If people are trying to tell you that what you get up to is NOT cuckolding, just ask them to show you the ‘big bible of BDSM’ where that’s written down.

Miss K XX

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