I do NOT take same day bookings. I generally need at least 48 hours notice, preferably longer.

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday 9am-9pm
Friday 4pm-9pm

I am happy to see people of any gender and you must be 20+ years old. 

It’s really worth reading through this guide, so you know what’s expected: https://miss-kimberley.co.uk/how-to-approach-a-pro-domme-in-the-first-instance-and-get-the-best-result/


Tribute is £160 per hour and a £60 per hour non-refundable deposit is required to accept a booking, with the balance paid at the session. The deposit is part of the tribute, not in addition to the tribute. Deposit, to be paid by PayPal or Bacs.  No deposit, no booking.

Newbie sessions are £220 for a 1.5 hour session.

First things first

If you would like to be considered for a session with Miss Kimberley, please complete this form in full. Incomplete forms will simply be deleted.

From there we will arrange a telephone call and then book a mutually convenient time to book a session.

It's not a trick question!
I'll need a safe email address I can contact you by
Seriously, if you can, give Me a text number to contact you on. Email is flakey.
I WILL NOT call you unexpectedly, but I will send you a text to proceed with the booking process.
Please note. TEXT's are FAR MORE RELIABLE. Where possible, please include this as an option to contact you.
Seriously, if you can't drive, don't go any further.
I've been let down many times in the past and now only accept those who pay a deposit.
Please tick anything that applies to you, don't worry, we'll discuss your session in full before booking, this just gives me a good indication of where your interests lie.
Please list any previous BDSM experience you. The more information the better. If you're completely new, just put 'newbie'
List ANY medical conditions you have, along with any medications you may have... Do you have problems with kneeling?
Please list a few dates and times when you'd be available for a session. This can either be a specific date and time or just 'Saturday mornings'

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