Are you a rubber lover? Do you love the feel of latex against your skin? Do you find the smell intoxicating? The tightness restricting your entire body? Coupled with restrictive bondage?

Now would you like to add A rubber Dominatrix and her equally rubbery submissive femsub?

If this sounds like absolute heaven to you, then this is the session room for you!

A magnificent hand-built iron four-poster bed is the focal point for the session. This gorgeous piece of fetish history spent many years at a famous London Club. If you were involved in the London Fetish scene in the 90’s-00’s you may well have met it before!

Coupled to the bed I have invested heavily in the gorgeous Serious Kit Milker and Mega Suit.

Anyone who has come across this amazing equipment knows just how amazing it is to experience this phenomenal kit.

There are other manufacturers on the market who produce milkers, that are similar to the serious kit, but SK are the original and the best.

You just can’t beat YEARS of testing, prototyping and manufacturing in-house.

I also have electrics from both Erostek and E-stim with a wide variety of interesting insertables! 😉

And finally, there is both Me and My assistant, Miss Kitty.

We love latex as much as you do and we have an extensive wardrobe to tease you with!

During sessions in the Edison Suite we will both* be head to toe in latex, unless you request a specific outfit.

Due to the nature of the Edison Suite and the time involved in getting prepared for our rubbery escapades, there is a minimum of a three hour session.

To book your session:

* Miss Kitty is an additional £75 per hour. She’s worth it, trust Me!