All feedback is posted with express permission of those who sent it to Me.

Wow and more wow (is that enough wow btw, tell me if I’m overdoing things here)
Amazing session, and lovely to meet such a warm and friendly mistress, you put me at ease very quickly…
Thank you for allowing the opportunity to worship that divine body and appreciate the choice of outfit, you wore it so well.

Slave S.

I first met Miss Kimberley just over a year ago, I was immediately entranced, not just by Her beauty but also Her manner and the strict but caring way She conducted Her sessions.
Miss found my secret and over time has transformed me into Her sissy and maid.
I am immensely proud of my new role and I am learning all the time to try and be a better submissive. Miss Kimberley is the perfect Mistress and my devotion to Her and willingness to serve is a huge part of my life that I treasure deeply.
I can only add that She has changed my life and I will be forever grateful, it is an honour to be owned by such a wonderful Mistress, She means the world to me.
Sissy Davina

Good Afternoon Miss Kimberley,
This was my first session with any Mistress and had deliberated a long time about visiting. I found Miss Kimberley through twitter and after booking the day finally came. I was very nervous and anxious when I arrived but Miss Kimberley who looked absolutely stunning soon put my mind at rest with her calm soothing words. Miss Kimberley’s dungeon is very discreet with no parking issues. I had asked for an introduction sissy session, soft and sensual, and that is exactly what I got. I never once felt unsafe or scared with Miss Kimberley, she took me to such a pleasurable place during the session that I felt was a world away. Too soon and our session ended. Nothing is rushed with Miss Kimberley, there was whatever time I needed to recompose myself before leaving and getting back into the real world. If you were like me looking for a Mistress for the first time I highly recommend Miss Kimberley. She took the time to transform me into the sissy I wanted to become.
Thank you so much, Miss Kimberley, I will definitely be back very soon.
Sissy Michelle xx

When I first met Miss Kimberley I was nervous but excited because I’d never been to see a pro-mistress before.
When I first arrived Miss made me feel right at ease and since that first meet I always love going back. Miss Kimberley likes to test and push my limits and I’m always so grateful as I want to become a better sub for her. Even after a challenging session Miss is very reassuring and takes plenty of time to talk to you about what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you’d like to try next time.
In the past I’ve struggled with self confidence and anxiety. Miss Kimberley has really helped me to be more confident not just in session but out of it as well. I have also started to get fit again as I want to be my physically best for her and it’s really motivating.
I love doing sessions with Miss Kimberley because she is so loving and caring and as soon as you have your first session you’ll be begging to do more in the future.
LuLu xxx