Miss Kimberley FAQ's

  • How should I address you?

    ‘Miss’, ‘Mistress’ or ‘Miss Kimberley’. Nothing else. Ever.

  • What genders/ages do you see?

    I am happy to see anyone who is 20+ and any gender. Far more important is that you are immaculately clean and incredibly respectful.

  • Can I have sex with you?

    NO! You need the services of an Escort NOT a Dominatrix.

  • What is the booking process?

    First complete the application form. Do NOT skip any questions and make your answers as complete as possible.

    If you are accepted I will arrange an initial telephone call with you. We will discuss your session and limits.

    You will then be sent My availability and will need to choose an appropriate date. You will need to pay IN FULL for your first session.

    I will send you a full confirmation of your appointment. You will be given a postcode near the dungeon and I will guide you in for the last half a mile. This is to keep the location discrete.

    DO NOT bring flowers or anything that will draw attention to you to our appointment.

  • I'm new to this, will you see me?

    Of course, newbies are My speciality; we all have to start somewhere!

  • Will you 'beat me up'

    No. There is a common misconception about Pro Dommes that we will beat the living daylights out of you. While this can happen, if this your particular kink, play can also be sensual or psychological.

    Basically YOU set the limits to YOUR session and I will adhere to the limits you set.

    I will NOT be involved in extreme/dangerous play.

  • I like trampling, will you jump up and down on my face/throat?

    No. Under no circumstances. This is incredibly dangerous and potentially life threatening. Don’t ask.

  • Can I become a permanent slave?

    Maybe… But bear in mind it will take years of dedication and devotion and you will STILL have to pay Me. In fact it will end up costing you more. No freebies here.

  • Can I be your permanent live in sissy slut?

    About once a week I get a message saying ‘Can I be your permanent live in sissy slut. You can f*ck Me every day, for your pleasure’

    The answer is yes, of course! You will have to make a payment of £5 million into My account to buy a bigger house and to pay for your ongoing keep for the rest of your life.

    Plus I guarantee you’d hate it. I can’t stand people being around Me all the time. I’d make your life a misery.

  • I want something not listed here, can I ask you about it?

    Sure. I don’t mind any question asked respectfully.

    Please complete the application form and give as much detail about your desired kink as possible and I’ll let you know.

    However, the answer will be no if it involves anything illegal. Nor can I arrange multiple groups of people to have sex with you. That’s just a logistical nightmare and would cost you a fortune.

  • I feel embarrassed of my kink.

    We all have at some point. What I do know is that once you’ve got that kink itch, it won’t just ‘go away’. You’ll have to scratch it and the more you do and the more kinky people you meet, the more you’ll realise that it’s all fine. It’s the rest of the world that’s broken.

  • Can we be friends?

    Unlikely, but maybe! Some of My very best friends are clients too. Or they started out as clients and have become My very best friends. I am very, very busy though and only have a limited amount of time available to Me and it won’t just happen.

    You’ll have to invest a lot of time and effort in Me and take time to get to know Me. I only have time in My life for people who make My life easier.

    To start with, you’d do well to buy Me a gift from My Amazon wishlist: https://amzn.to/31f9MWe

  • Do you do FinDomme?

    The answer to this is a little complicated. Yes, No… Maybe!

    So, I do NOT offer traditional FinDomme, where you will be bled dry of every penny, called a loser and put into debt.

    I prefer, shall we say ethical FinDomme, this is where you willingly help support Me financially, helping with a bill such as Netflix, paying for a spa day or just supporting Me on a day to day basis. It must only be an amount you can actually afford.

    If this works for you, get in touch.

  • Do you have an Amazon wishlist?

    Yes of course! https://amzn.to/31f9MWe

  • I'm interested in chastity, how does it work?

    I LOVE a boy locked up for Me. Nothing gives Me a greater sense of satisfaction.

    How it works depends entirely on your personal situation. Ideally we want you to end up locked and with two keys. One in an emergency box that I hold the code too or the other, which will be hanging around My neck.

    However, I have a number of boys in a variety of situations all with different levels of access.

    The best route forward is to complete an application and we’ll have a chat about your goals.

  • I've booked a session, but now I'm a bit scared!

    This is quite normal! Obviously you just need to take that first leap!

    If you do cancel, I guarantee that in a month or so, you’ll regret that you didn’t do the session.

    However, if you STILL want to cancel, how you go about it is super important!

    Communicate with Me! Tell Me that you’re having second thoughts and that you want to cancel. Give Me plenty of notice and be a gentleman about it.

    DO NOT cancel at the last minute and then ghost Me.

    When you DO want a session, I guarantee you’ll find it nearly impossible. Mistresses DO talk to each other.