I approached the door of the dungeon with trepidation. The area was super discrete and secluded – that wasn’t why I was nervous. It was my first ever visit to a pro-Domme and I didn’t quite know what to expect.

I had spoken to Miss on the phone and agreed that I would have a “newbie session” to work me in gently. We had discussed my kinks and Miss had made me feel at ease and helped me open up.

I had been respectful and paid my deposit and arrived exactly on time and brought my tribute and a small gift for Miss. Miss is a professional and one ought to respect this and return the professionalism – be on time and pay a deposit without question!!!

The door opened and I was met with a site that was so stunning I may have gasped. Truly a wonderful goddess.

What followed was an amazing experience. Gently, firmly and daringly I was introduced to some amazing experiences. Sounding, heavy rubber, restraints – it passed in a blur. It was then that Miss introduced me to her strap ons. Truly an artist – firm, but caring and so so effective.

I can safely say she blew my mind and has changed my world. As she gripped me hard and plunged deep into me everything changed. My sissygasm flooded and flowed over my pathetic body and I knew there and then that I was utterly and completely in her power.

She let me down gently and helped me handle the sub drop and made sure that I was safe and well.

I cannot put into words what an experience I had at her hands.

Miss is quite simply perfect

Oh there’s a ps.

“She has the best shoe collection! Total heel envy”

🙂 x