What does Under Consideration mean to Me?

Firstly, I want to give this some context.  Loyalty, being genuine and integrity are some of My core values.  Family is also important to me.  I don’t have much contact with My own ‘vanilla’ family, but I remember enjoying the sense of belonging and love of a family.  So, I created My own ‘kink’ family, My ‘inner circle.’  The inner circle consists of collared and under consideration submissives.  My inner circle subs have all visited Me for a session and from here the D/s relationship has grown.

It’s not all about the kinky play for Me, it is about having trusting and meaningful relationships.  It’s the sort of relationships where we don’t have to hide parts of ourselves because we will be judged or discriminated against.  I appreciate that some in the scene are open about their kinks to society, but in My personal experience society is full of judgement and lack of understanding about BDSM.  I choose to spend My time with people that are like minded in a safe, non-judgemental way. 

I started My Pro Domme life about 6 years ago. 

I have a large stable of regular submissives, slaves and kinksters and I enjoy seeing people that are new to the scene or just new to Me.  So many different kinks and play scenarios are fun for Me.  My main interests are sissy play, anal training, medical fetish, corporal punishment, bondage and latex.

I receive a tribute for My time and general awesomeness, and it is obvious that I invest in My equipment and play space.  But I have a strict application process and won’t see just anyone.  If I don’t want to do something, I simply don’t do it.  If I do want to do something I enjoy in session and it’s not a hard limit for you, we are doing it!

As you well know, kink isn’t all about the play, it is about the connection.  I come across special submissives a lot.  It might be that the connection is fantastic, we have so much fun, and our kinks align well.  Now and again, I come across a special submissive that can get more involved with Me for whatever reason in their lives.  If I want you to be more involved in My life then I will invite you into the ‘inner circle.’  Then your journey will start with being Under Consideration for a collar.

What being Under Consideration Means to Me

Loyalty & Respect – You will be loyal.  We will see each other at least once a month to play.  You will also be available to serve Me however and whenever I need you.  This is subject to your other life commitments. 

You will be respectful.  You will address Me as Miss, Mistress or Matron.  Dialogue on social media or instant message will use the appropriate Dominant /submissive upper and lower case.  For example, using a capital letter when referring to Me.  Unless it has been agreed otherwise.  I have a good reputation and you will maintain that by behave respectfully in session, at events and on social media.  You will be trained in My individual BDSM etiquette.

Getting to know you – This is important to Me because I want to develop the relationship and connection with you.  Play is a big part of our D/s relationship but getting to know you is equally important to Me.  As your Dominant I want the best for you, and I want you to be happy.  At times I may make suggestions or insist you make certain changes to your life, these changes will always be something that will benefit you, protect you or improve your life in some way.  For example, weight loss, counselling and relationship advice.

I am here to explore and push My boundaries, you will take part in that and be open about your fantasies and fetishes.  I enjoy pushing your limits and exploring BDSM together.  I may wish to pierce your body, usually your nipples or genitals, with consent.

Honesty – This is a two-way process.  If you are interested in having a play partner, then you will ask Me permission to do so.  Nine times out of ten I will allow it, if the other person is safe, sane and consensual.  If I feel that the person you are meeting is unsafe, unethical or has been disrespectful to Me then the answer will be no.  This is true for other Dommes/Doms.  Basically, if you are in doubt whether I will agree with something, then ask Me.

Tribute & Service – You will tribute for your sessions.  I want people around Me that make My life easier.  I enjoy gifts, dinner, spa breaks and holidays.  A signature gift would be a pair of Louboutin or Jimmy Choo heels, boots or trainers.  I understand that some can financially contribute more than others and in these cases I appreciate your time which might be studio maintenance, doing laundry, chauffeuring, errands, filming and so on.  

Commitment – This will depend on your personal life.  A lot of My under-consideration and collared submissives are single which does make it easier for them to be available for Me.  Some submissives have more commitments outside of the kink family and then we will negotiate the commitment.  You will wear the Under-consideration ring.  This is a black tungsten ring (engraved on the inside) and is worn on the fourth finger on the right hand or on a necklace.  For those that can’t wear this ring every day they MUST wear it in My presence.  I control your sex life and your orgasms.  You will ask permission to have sex and to orgasm.

Chastity – I really enjoy chastity play, namely controlling your orgasms.  I expect you to wear a chastity cage when in My presence as a mark of respect.  Some of My submissives are in chastity permanently.  If due to your life circumstances you cannot, then an alternative can be agreed. 

Communication – I like to hear from you.  Most of the time this will be via instant message or social media with occasional video calls.  I don’t want to be flooded with communication, so messages are kept to morning greetings on X, reposting My content and general posts, WhatsApp groups and personal messages at an agreed frequency.  You will also subscribe to My Loyal Fans sites, or make an alternative gesture to support Me.  At times you may feel jealousy or insecurity.  If this happens, I want you to be honest and open with Me and we will talk about it.  I have carefully chosen My inner circle and I want you to try to get to know each other.   

I dislike neediness.  I am a Pro Domme and My time is precious.  I do appreciate you have needs.  Should you feel insecure I expect to have an adult-to-adult conversation where we can discuss any issues on a one to one.  If you are needing consistent attention and there are reoccurring insecurities, then the D/s relationship will not work.

The Under Consideration period is 6 months to however long I see fit.  Communication is essential and if during the under-consideration period our expectations do not align then we need to talk about it.  I currently have two boys under consideration.  There are many special submissives in My life, being under consideration isn’t for everyone and I value the commitment My submissives show by coming to visit Me for kinky fun, when they can.

Miss Kimberley xx