Sissy Milton Keynes - transformation service

Sissy Milton Keynes – I’ll transform you into the gurl of your dreams!

Have you seen a beautiful girl walking down the street, with long hair, a gorgeous bum, sexy boobs and thought: “I wish that were me!”

Or perhaps you look at lacey knickers and thongs and wondered: “I bet they’d feel really nice to wear…”

Possibly you’ve even gone a little bit further and thought a little bit about anal play, maybe wearing a butt plug or being taken ‘like a gurl’ by a Dominant woman.

Well, don’t panic, you are not alone.

First things first… wearing women’s clothing does NOT make you gay.

It doesn’t mean you’re starting on a path that will end up with you having full surgery either!

Most sissies never ‘come out’ and tell the world about their little kink.

Most of My clients really enjoy coming for an hour or two and just enjoy the release of being a sissy, just for a while.

Then, they go home to whatever life they lead.

Sissification is a journey. Who knows where it might end?

You’ll find My space an easy-going, safe space to be. I LOVE sissies and the process and sissification.

It really depends on how far down your sissy journey you are as to where we begin, but it usually starts with just a pair of knickers!

Of course, if you identify as a complete sissy slut, we’ll start with something a little kinkier.

You will NOT be forced into anything you don’t want in your sissification journey unless that’s the play you want.

Even then, I practise, SSC, Safe, Sane and Consensual play.

You are always in control and always have the option to call ‘red’ and stop play.

Communication is huge for Me, I’ll make sure that the play we’re involved in together, is right for you.

This is YOUR sissy journey.

Your sissy dreams start here…

Complete an application and then I’ll arrange an initial telephone call, to see if we hit it off, before arranging a session.