Visiting a Mistress for the first time.Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme
Visiting a Mistress for the first time.Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme

Visiting a Professional Mistress for the first time.

Visiting a Professional Mistress for the first time? Here is a short guide to your first visit, what to expect and what you’ll need to do.

Please bear in mind that these are my own personal thoughts and requirements… I have no doubt that you’ll find other Mistresses will be completely different.

What is a Mistress?

A Mistress, Professional Dominatrix, Pro Domme, Domme are all the same thing… A superior woman who enjoys dominating submissives. For me, this is both male and female submissives. The  ‘Pro’ or professional part is that you have to pay me for my time.

Please, please, please don’t approach me telling me how incredible you are and how you will serve me, if you’re expecting to do that for free.

I may or may not take a collared slave in the future, if I do, it will be someone who has proved themselves over and over again, come to the dungeon, sessioned with me and paid for my services and time. If I wish to make you a collared slave, it will be me that starts the conversation, not you.

Will you beat me up in a session?

No. Not unless that’s something you really, really want!

There is a bit of a misconception with new people booking me that Dominatrix’s are mean at all times and will punish you severely for every single transgression. While that may be the case for some who visit me, for the majority, things are generally a lot slower paced.

When you initially contact me you’ll find me fairly easy going. Quite chatty and reasonably good fun to talk to. We will discuss what you’ve done before, what you enjoy and what you’d like to explore.

From there I will tailor a scene for you in the dungeon that are well within your limits and boundaries.

The very first session will actually be fairly tame and you will have nothing to worry about. We will try a few things, you will get used to me and I will get used to you. From there our sessions will increase in intensity, slowly but surely.

If you are new to this, don’t be in a rush to explore everything all in one go… You’re embarking upon a journey of self discovery. Lay back, relax and enjoy it. I’ll take you by the hand and lead you down the path.

This is not to say that one day we may end up with me beating you silly.

On the final note, please, please, please be very careful of any Professional Domme who is full on from the word go. I practise the BDSM doctrine of ‘Safe, sane and consensual’. You need to be very careful of anyone who isn’t respecting your limits.

Is it illegal to visit a Pro Domme?

In a word, No. There are various different laws around visiting a brothel, but rest assured I am a fully independent mistress and under current UK law, all is perfectly legal.

What should I bring?

On the whole, you don’t need to bring anything! Just yourself and an open mind 🙂

If you’re in to sissyfication and want to bring your own clothes, you would be more than Welcome.

Some people LOVE to buy me gifts and I have to be honest, receiving gifts from both regulars and complete strangers does make me quite tingly all over. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of champagne, although be aware, I won’t drink it during or session… I don’t do sessions while under the influence.

If you enjoyed your session and want to give me an extra ‘thank you’ you are more than welcome to buy me something from my Amazon wish list:

What should I do before the session?

Please arrive clean. This is an absolute requirement and if you don’t I will turn you away. Treat your session like a first date and you won’t go far wrong.

When you’re dealing with me in the run up to our session, please be polite and courteous at all times. I do love my job, but it is a job. If you want to talk to me, you can follow my Twitter page and get involved. I will do my best to answer all responses, but it is NOT part of the service and as such, you should not expect it.

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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