About once a week I get a message from someone saying ‘Mistress, please can I be your full time maid, you can train me and keep me as you wish…’

The simple answer to this is: ‘Why yes, certainly, My tribute £160 per hour for my services and there are 168 hours per week. That will be £26,880 per week.

Oh and of course you’ll need to rent a house with a servants annex, because I quite like my private space, thank you very much.

The general reply to this is: ‘But Mistress, I will do everything for you, cook, clean, wash your lingerie…’

To which I can only reply: So I have to pay for your council tax, food clothes and run the very real risk of arrest for contraventions of the modern slavery act?

Let’s be a little bit realistic here.

At the moment, I have one submissive who is vaguely close to being a collared slave to me.

How did he achieve this? He has been consistently generous. He is not flakey. he messages me every day. He sessions with me regularly. he has taken me away for weekends and showered me with gifts.

Whatever I ask of him, if he’s capable he will do.

He has been doing this for well over a year and a half.

In the words of Roy Castle ‘dedication is what you need’

Stop emailing every single Domme on Twitter or Fet and establish a relationship with just one and dedicate and I really do mean dedicate yourself to her.

While my sub, D has showered me with gifts, it really isn’t all about money. If you can’t afford to buy something for your Mistress ask her what you can do for her.

What’s useful for me is having my Tweets retweeted or having my Fet posts.

Promoting my only fans page, or just sending an occasional friendly message.

I can’t stress enough… Don’t just do this for a week or a month… You need to be dedicated.

Also, don’t just do this for every Mistress! I have a few subs who leave me messages telling me I am amazing and that I am perfect and they’d love to be all mine… Only for them to post exactly the same message to a number of other Mistresses.

So, being a full time maid? Honestly it’s probably not going to happen.

Being very useful to a Mistress; now that’s achievable.

Speak to a few Mistresses. DON’T tell them what YOU want, ask what you can do for them.

Find one you connect with and then do everything in your power to make her life easier and just forget all about what you want from the relationship.

If you can’t do this then just pay for a session and stop wasting everybody’s time. While this may sound harsh, consider it a little’tough love’.

It will get you closer to your dream than your current course of action.

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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