I’m not sure if you’ve worked it out yet, but I absolutely ADORE sexy lingerie, fully fashioned nylons and What Katie Did style 40’s style underwear to name a small section of my passions.

Not only do I wear sexy lingerie, stockings and nylons for my sessions, but I wear them on a daily basis too.

There is nothing like the feel of sexy lingerie on my body and pulling those sexy fully fashioned stockings up my long long legs.

I spend the whole day wondering if the people around me KNOW I’m wearing such sexy and beautiful secrets under my clothes.

In particular I enjoy wearing silk (although I don’t have enough silk lingerie) and satin underwear, with just a touch of lace.

If you’d like to be allowed to worship my stockings, panties in a sensational tie and tease session, then contact me immediately.

I am the Princess of tie and tease and you will be both humbled and tantalised by the show you’ll see while you are tied in my dungeon.

If you’d like to come into my dungeon for a panty and stocking tie and tease session, then contact me today.

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