Welcome to Miss Kimberley’s Oxford Dungeon. 

Here you will find a special place where you can be at ease and find your true self.

You will fine Me a friendly, discreet Mistress who will not judge you in any way. You will find a home here, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Some of you will just fancy the idea of trying on some girls pants, perhaps a pair of stockings.

Others will want the full works, girls clothes, make up and wig.

Yet others will want to be a full house Maid. 

Whatever your desires I will help you to fulfil your sissy dreams here at my Oxfordshire dungeon and studio.

We can just explore your fantasies together or you can be dominated totally.

Your session can begin with your transformation from a ‘real man’ to a total sissy  girl. 

It is important to let you know that we don’t have to do the whole Domme / sub bit. If you just want a dressing up session with Me, that’s absolutely fine.

Once you have become your ‘true self’, you’ll be trained in walking, talking and being submissive like a true Sissy Girl.

I have a range of sissy clothing, including knickers, tights, stockings etc, but of course you are more than welcome to bring your own clothing. 

Once we have sessioned together a couple of times perhaps you might like to go on a shopping trip with me and we can buy you some lovely matching underwear to match your sissy colours.

As we progress and you session with me more, we can explore the possibility of caging you in chastity, pegging or possibly being made to please ‘real men’ the likes of which you could never strive to be.

Miss Kimberley is available for sissification and cross dressing sessions at her discreet dungeon near Oxford

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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