Do you enjoy facesitting? Are you looking for a Mistress who’ll squash your face with her gorgeous bottom, smothering your face completely?

If so, you have found your new Mistress. I LOVE facesitting and I’ll happily sit on your face all day long, allowing my gorgeous pert ass to completely cover your face.

Facesitting sessions

It’s difficult to say where facesitting comes in my list of kinks… Somewhere near the top certainly!

I have such good fun using men’s faces to sit on and it I love the power it gives me over males. It’s actually comfy sitting up there too 😉

If you’ve never tried facesitting, but are keen to try then please do get in touch, I’m more than happy to take on newbies and gently break them in to the world of BDSM.

Please contact me to discuss YOUR facesitting fantasies and let’s get together for some facesitting fun x

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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