I offer a range of cuckolding services, depending on how you want your cuckolding fantasy to run.

Now, before we go too far, you need to know that I genuinely LOVE cuckolding. The idea that I can take pleasure from my lover and have sexual stimulation while you get nothing but the honour of cleaning up after me.

So where should it start? Would you like to buy my lover and I dinner, while you wait outside? Do you want to watch Me and My Bull having hot, erotic sex, while tied to a chair wearing my panties on your head?

Perhaps you’re just too shy and only want to hide in the bed or the cupboard while we have fun in the bed?

For the ultimate in pleasure, it may be best that you’re in chastity for the week prior to our session.

Once finished you may be allowed to clean up our juices from the bed, or I may feed you from our well used condom.

No matter what your cuckolding fantasy is, I’m sure I can accomodate; in particular because I love the whole cuckolding scnene.

I love the fact that you’ll be watching, I love that you’ll get NO sexual satisfaction from me and ultimately you’ll go home desperate for attention.

I also have a female submissive lover and I’d be happy to offer lesbian cuckolding.

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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