The easiest and simplest way to clean your bum before strap on (pegging) play is by using an enema bulb. This is only good for relatively small/medium sized dildos.

If you want to enjoy larger toys, you’ll need to learn how to give yourself a full enema.

These types of enemas are available widely, on Amazon, Lovehoney and I even have a couple in the dungeon which you can buy.

Milton Keynes Mistress Enema Bulb

Fill up your bulb

Take off the spout section at the top of the bulb and with lukewarm water. With some bulbs the spout is non-removeable. With these you need to squeeze all the air out of the bulb, hold it under the water and let it fill with water.

As I said before, the water needs to be lukewarm. Not too hot, not too cold.

When the bulb is filled, pop the top on and keep it held upright.

Lube it up

Lube up both the spout of the enemea bulb AND your anus. Use water based lube, not oil based.

Expel excess air

Gently squeeze the bulb until a small amount of water trickles out. This will remove any air in the bulb. 

You won’t hurt yourself if you get a little air in your anal passage.

Insert the spout in your bum

Gently push the spout into your anus. Around 3-5cms. STOP if it hurts at any time.

And squeeze

Grab the bulb quite firmly and squeeze it fairly hard. You need to force the water up into your anus.Once you’ve squeezed the water out, remove the spout from your anus.

Hold on

Squeeze your bum shut and hold that water in you. If this is your first time it will feel a bit weird.

Try and hold it in for around 3 minutes, but obviously stop if it becomes too uncomfortable.

Squirt it out

Safest option is just to sit on the toilet and let it all out.

Some people prefer to do this in the shower, but I’d recommend the toilet every time!

Rinse and repeat

Just keep repeating the process until the water comes out clear and doesn’t really have a smell. Just do this as many times as necessary, expect around 5-6 goes before the water runs clear.

Clean up.

Some people use baby wipes but I think it’s best to jump in the shower now and get yourself completely clean all over.

Douching really doesn’t have to be too involved and it’s not as hard as everyone seems to think. It will certainly make your pegging session a lot more pleasurable.