Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme
Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme

Pro Domme

My name is Miss Kimberley and  I am a Pro Domme, based near Northampton, but very close to both Milton Keynes and Oxford.

You’ll find me at the softer end of the BDSM spectrum more of a sensual bondage practitioner…

However, I really do enjoy giving a submissive a really good caning and I have also been known to turn the electrics up ‘quite high’ so please take that with a pinch of salt.

I am a lifestyle Domme and do have both male and female submissives I see on an occasional basis at events and such.

I love many aspects of Bondage and it’s probably easier to tell you what I don’t do, rather than what I do…

These are Blood (with the exception of the small amount produced during needle play), Scat and Piss. You are welcome to pre-order some of my champagne for drinking, but I find it absolutely impossible to pee on command.

Please know though that while I don’t offer these services, I hold nothing against those that do enjoy them. As long as it’s all done in a safe, sane and consensual manner…

While I’m talking about this, there is often a misconception that I am really going to hurt the submissives that come into my dungeon.

You need not worry! Before we begin, we will have a discussion about what you’ve experienced, what you enjoy and what your limits are. Expect to have your boundaries pushed, but they will never be broken.

On the whole, I want us both to have a great time in our session. Yes, I can be quite demanding and it could be said that I am a bit of a Princess. If you enjoy it, I will think nothing of kicking you in the balls. Hard.

However, when you walk out of my dungeon I want two things. Firstly, I want you to have had a good session and enjoyed your time with me. Secondly I want you to love and worship me. If we can get that right, you’ll please me immensely.

For the record, of all the things I love about this kinky lifestyle, the thing I love most is… Foot worship! I can’t tell you how much I love having my feet rubbed and massaged… If this is your particular thing, we really will get on like a house on fire. Call me!

So, now that I’ve run through all of that, why don’t you head over to the ‘book me’ section of the website, which will tell you how to go about worshipping my adorable body… and feet!

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