Anal Training

Anal training and anal punishment. Imagine you’re kneeling before Mistress Kimberley.

Your face is flat on the floor and your arse is high up in the air.

You’ve already been cropped for your tardy appearance and because you just can’t seem to get ANYTHING right.

ANAL SLUT TRAINING Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme
ANAL SLUT TRAINING Milton Keynes Dominatrix, Professional Mistress, Domme

She is clad in a skin tight latex dress and thigh high boots.

As she walks around you, you can see two things (you’re trying desperately not to look up her skirt, you know what happened LAST time)

The first is her crop, which is swishing through the air as she talks, the other is a large glass butt plug.

Miss Kimberley is a devious Dominatrix.

She made you buy the plug out of your own money and she told you that if she thought it was too small she would buy the next one.

You know now that it’s big not too big, but it’s going to take some work on your part to get it in…

Miss Kimberley loves Anal play and will enjoy stretching your ass and making sure you can take larger and larger plugs, until she’s able to use you with her large strap onĀ 

She will make you feel vulnerable and well used…

She will take immense pleasure from your discomfort and will revel in your anal training, ensuring that you stay ‘on target’

Not only will you be made to take plugs in the dungeon during your session with the sublime Miss Kimberley.

You’ll be made to wear plugs regularly at home and supply proof of your ‘homework’

Due to the nature of the training, you’ll get better results if you sign on for a program of anal training.

Miss Kimberley is available for sessions at her discrete dungeon near Northampton.

If you are interested in attending My dungeon for a session, please see My booking page for information and complete the application form to be considered.

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