If you can’t dedicate to being a full time sissy submissive, which requires a lot of dedication and training, then perhaps you should try a more general crossdressing session, where you can enjoy a little ladies wear during a session…

I decided to write a little blog piece about sissification as I get a lot of messages from those who want to try it, but don’t really know what it entails.

It’s important to note that it’s not necessary to go all the way down this list of steps, you can stop anywhere you like and that it won’t necessarily happen in this order.

If you come to Me saying you want to be ‘My’ sissy though, this is what your life will be about from now on.

Sissy tries on her first lingerie and hold ups

This is probably the first step you’re going to take in your sissy journey. Simply trying on a pair of ladies panties and some hold ups during our session. In honesty it probably won’t be your first time… You’ll have tried on a girlfriends knickers or maybe even bought your own, but it will probably be your first time doing it in front of someone else…

Sissy learns to do her make up

An important part of becoming a sissy is learning to do your own make up. We want you to look like a slut. Like a tramp ready to take it from anyone, anywhere. This will probably be tied in with trying a few wigs..

Sissy learns to walk like a girl

Easier said than done. You’ll need to practice at home and you’d better get good very quickly or you’ll feel My crop! Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll need to learn to do it in heels…

Sissy takes it in the mouth and bum

There’s no way of getting around this, if you’re going to be My sissy, you are going to take My strap on. You will learn to suck it like a c*ck loving slut and your little arse will slowly stretch to accommodate too.

Sissy starts shaving… everywhere

This is in many ways a big step towards being a true sissy slut… You’ll need to start shaving everywhere… Your legs, pubes, under arms, face… The only bit of hair I want to see on you is your eyebrows and head. This is what sets apart the true sissies from the boys.

Sissy buys her own dress

At some point in time you’ll need to buy your own dresses. If you’re able to shave everywhere, then this step should be fairly easy…

Sissy becomes a maid

I do insist that all of the sissys in My training learn to be a maid. This will involve cleaning, serving tea, generally ensuring that everything I require is catered for and most importantly learning how to massage My feet.

Sissy becomes ‘forced-bi’

Ultimately you won’t need forcing, in the end you may service far more men than you ever will women. You’ll learn how to masturbate another men first, then take c*ck in your mouth, then swallow and finally in your arse… Once your anal virginity has been taken it will forever be known as a sissy slut hole.

Sissy gets locked in chastity

This is a big, but very important step for the aspiring sissy. Your purpose in life is to be Mistresses little sissy slut who gives everybody else pleasure, but takes none for herself. Chastity will help you keep your mind focused on your new role in life.

Sissy becomes permanently locked in chastity

Once you’ve tried chastity at home and managed to go several days, then weeks while in chastity, you’ll then be permanently locked in chastity. You’ll be milked in future, but you’ll never have a proper orgasm again…

Sissy becomes Mistresses cuckold and play thing

Now you are a fully trained sissy in permanent chastity. You are fulfilling your true purpose in life, which is to please your Mistress and ensure that she has everything she needs. I may make you my cuckold and you’ll be allowed to watch me having fun with my Bull, while you and your limp sissy clit are there to clean up when I’m finished.

Welcome to your new sissy life xxx

If this is YOUR idea of the perfect life and you want to enjoy the sissy lifestyle with me then please contact me here:  mailto:misskimberley@zoho.com or call on 07857 605432