The interaction I receive from potential submissives varies from brilliant to rubbish.

But contacting Me and interacting with Me is actually super simple, provided you follow these few basic rules.

It’s Miss!

I’ll accept Mistress, Goddess and Ma’am… But never, ever just say ‘yeah’ or ‘yup’ or ‘ok’

Me: “Call Me at 7pm sharp on Thursday”

Sub: “Ok”

Me: “Would you like to have another go at that answer, bearing in mind who you’re talking to, or shall we just cancel this call and I block you?”

This is a really, really common conversation that I have. The answer must always have a ‘Miss’ included. Also, don’t forget. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’

How that conversation should go…

Me: “Call Me at 7pm sharp on Thursday”

Sub: “Yes Miss. I’ll make sure I call at 7pm on the dot. Thank you very much.”

See? Isn’t that much better? I have cancelled so many calls because people just don’t get it and aren’t willing to learn.

If you think that it’s silly and you shouldn’t have to call Me Miss, then you should definitely not bother seeing a Pro Domme.

Make the call on time!

99% of potential clients make the call at the allotted time. A few message to say they can’t make it before the call.

But there are a few who don’t bother to make the call at all. Perhaps I might get a text later saying sorry I was in a meeting. Or even worse… “I forgot about our call” !!!!

You might just get away with a ‘meeting’ excuse IF you message Me an hour after our call was supposed to happen.

If you message Me the next day or you forget, then the answer will be NO. Not only will I not session with you now, but I will NEVER session with you.

I demand the highest amount of respect from My subs and you’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

Please don’t think I might change My mind if you try again 8 months, a year later, I won’t.

Be honest!

So many times a prospective sub will lie about something.


It almost always comes out at some point along the line and then quite simply, you’ll never see Me for a session.

For instance, a lot of people miss a call because they are simply too scared to make it.

Instead of simply saying “I’m sorry Mistress, I was terrified to make the call”, they’ll say “I was in an emergency meeting”

One of these is acceptable, the other is not.

If you are terrified, I will understand. You’ll have to buy Me a present from My Amazon gift list for wasting My time, but the door will remain open for you to come and see Me again.

You might think at that point in time that you’ll never see a Mistress, because it’s just too terrifying, but trust Me, you’ll be back.

Don’t harass ME!

Ok, so we’ve arranged a call, maybe even booked a session… That does NOT give you an open invitation to start messaging Me every day and sending Me pictures of yourself.

I WILL just cancel your booking, refund your money and you will NEVER see Me.

I do genuinely appreciate your booking and maybe as we get to know each other more we will start to converse, but I have a very busy life and several full-time collared subs.

But for now, just play it cool and give Me space. If you want to know a bit more about Me and have some fun interaction with Me and My subs, join Twitter or My loyal fans

If you do have a genuine question regarding your session, please do get in touch though!

Buy Me an Amazon gift!

Actually, this isn’t a necessity… unless you’ve done something wrong!

However, it is really nice and it will genuinely put you up a few notches in My expectations.

Treat Me to an Amazon gift:


1.) Be super, super polite. Call Me Miss.

2.) Respect Me, My time and My personal life.

3.) Buy Me a gift if you want a few extra brownie points.

4.) If you don’t think any of these rules apply to you, then certainly don’t bother contacting Me.