Findomme in Northampton with Dominatrix and Professional Mistress, Miss Kimberley

Or do I?

Findomme is a funny one, there seems to be a LOT of people online complaining about it.

Especially when the Domme is some 19 year old girl who really doesn’t know anything about BDSM.

But then, BDSM is supposed to be non-judgmental, unless the practice is against the safe, sane and consensual code.

Perhaps it’s because these girls are so successful that people have a problem with it? Or perhaps it’s because the transaction seems unfair…

Unfair? I hear you proclaim, but you’re a Pro Domme, it’s all one sided with you Dommes.

Maybe it is a bit.

But I just can’t quite get My head around the idea of just being given cash while giving nothing in return.

The guys who are involved in Findomme would claim that they get plenty in return and it’s this act of giving that really turns them on.

Personally, none of this really bothers Me one way or the other.

What does bother Me, is when I read about subs going into debt to send money to their Domme or that their family suffers.

This is just not right. It’s not in line with ‘safe, sane and consensual’

For Me, I would much, much rather you bought Me something from My Amazon wishlist:

While it may not be much different to Findomme, at least I can send you a personal photo set of Me wearing the item.

It’s not much, but to Me it’s the difference between feeling comfortable and uncomfortable.

That you got some value for money.

I really don’t want anything from you though, if it means you’ll end up struggling.

Get yourself and your finances sorted out first and then we can talk about you buying Me an occasional gift from My wishlist.

Miss Kimberley xx

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