Seriously. Just Hi.

If I’ve sent you a link to this page, it’s because you’ve emailed Me, Tweeted Me or sent a message / text.

What am I supposed to do with ‘Hi’ ?

I’d really like to talk to you, because who knows, we may hit it off, have a great Domme / sub relationship and really develop.

It’s not going to happen though if YOU can’t learn to communicate.

I DO appreciate that contacting a Domme can be a terrifying experience though, so I’m going to give you this one chance.

Try again.

Start by addressing Me properly; ‘Miss Kimberley’, ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’.

Now tell Me just a little bit about what you want. Something like this:

Good morning Mistress,

I am a new sub and I would very much like to meet you for a session to explore spanking (could be breath play, sounding, anal play, sissification etc.)

I have no previous experience.


Hopeful submissive.

See, it’s just not that hard!

Let’s see if you can learn and whether we’re going to be compatible. This will start by you proving to Me that you CAN learn.

Miss Kimberley

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